About the Author

Janeen Sizemore was born and raised in San Francisco, Ca. She relocated to Atlanta, Ga. in 1995 in hopes of providing a better life for her then 4 year old son. As a child, Janeen always loved the arts and writing poetry. That love grew stronger as she became an adult, where her passion for Interior Design and Abstract artistry developed. She began freelancing as an Interior Designer and Abstract Artist in 2003 and she still does today. Fast forward 25 years later of becoming a Georgia Resident, with the help of her first husband, Janeen has successfully raised her 3 boys into men and has served as a full time licensed Realtor for more than 15 years in the Atlanta, Ga. Market. 

After raisingher children she was inspired to do something greater.  Being that all 3 of her children have always praised her for teaching them the power of positive affirmations and goal setting, as  well as encouraging them all to be free minded self-thinkers early on, Janeen made a passion filled decision to encourage every child at an early age to reach for the stars and to love themselves just as they are. This would be Janeens' inspiration to create this keepsake for children! Janeen Sizemore was remarried in June of 2019 and currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. happily with her husband Jayln Sizemore as she runs a successful self-made Real Estate business.